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The Risigo line of products are invented and designed by Dr George H.C. Hung, Chairman of Risigo Distributors International Limited, with a vision to add fun and performance to transportation and fitness equipment.

It is a radically innovative design in cycling technology for nearly a century. The RISIGO increases the exercise benefit than any other fitness equipment. It is particularly beneficial for regulating cardiovascular circulation, relieving back pain and neck pain, strengthening abdominal muscles as well as tightening the muscles around the perineum, consistent riders may reap the benefit of enhancing their sexual enjoyment as a result.

RISIGO comes in many models which fact offers the bonus of "getting FIT while having FUN" to the rider whether indoor or outdoor.


The pedals of a RISIGO are evenly aligned. The rider no longer needs to shift weight from one leg to the other. Body weight is utilized to power the RISIGO. The ride is similar to skiing but more like horse back trotting, only it is more relaxing and comfortable. The stable design of RISIGO makes the ride easy to master for beginners.

1st Prize Winner of the International Inventor Expo at New York

Getting FIT while having FUN

To enjoy a revolutionary riding experience, try the RISIGO - "Rise, Sit and Go".